Screening ensures both my safety and yours so that we can have the most relaxed and pleasurable time possible! There are multiple methods available for screening, so please choose the one you prefer :)

Option A: TNA/P411 handle
If you have a TNA account with references and/or reviews you've written, or a P411 account with OKs, please send me a PM on that site! My TNA profile can be found here and my P411 ID is P206190.

Option B: Provider references
When contacting me, please also include the contact information of 1-2 currently active providers you have seen before who can vouch for you. Please consider that not every provider responds as quickly as others, so if this is your preferred screening method it is best to book at least 24 hours in advance.

Option C: Work verification
This method should be used if you do not have references or reviews. Simply put, I need some verification of your employment. This can come in a couple forms: a link to your LinkedIn, an email from your work account, a website where you are listed as an employee, a scan of your employee ID badge, etc.  This information is always kept 100% private.